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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5 - from June 1st, 2020.   • • •    You can register your children to any grade during whole school year. If you are interested click on this link.

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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5

Due to the positive development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that from June 1, 2020, a school will open for 1st - 5th grade students and the school canteen will be open for 1st - 9th grade pupils.

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Our experiences - school year 2019/2020

3D plan of a town
March 4th, 2020

Our 4th Graders proved that English Vocabulary on the topic of City, Institutions and Offices could be taught not only 2D, but also as a 3D conceptual/mind map, which can be highly interactive. They had a lot of fun making it and managed to constructe fantastic and very inspirational plans of their own Cities. We wish them many more creative ideas!

New synagogue exhibition
February 10th, 2020

On this day pupils IV. LN headed for the exhibition and creative workshops in the New Synagogue. The road there was very pleasant, the sun was shining, it was such a spring weather, we even saw snowdrops in the gardens. We had a very nice lecturer, Simonka, who told us about the history of the synagogue and then we went directly to the exhibition and creative workshops. Everything was focused on our memory - activities were called Memory Movement. We tested the memory properties of various materials - milk, honey, sand, plasticine. And then we were painting. With water and a brush we painted on the floor. They were indeed huge creations! They just disappeared quickly.

From the exhibits on display, we were intrigued by a painting made of Jewish bread - maces. None of us guessed what this exhibit is made of. It was similar to an ancient lace and was protected by the sound of the pupils themselves. We were still attracted by the whistles - organ, ridiculous bath full of water and piano without sound.

On the way back we were already going trolleybus because it started to rain. But we also liked it!

Festival - One world
February 5th, 2020

On Wednesday, February 5th, our 9th graders took part in screenings and discussions on the documentary film EXIT as part of the One World Festival at the Station - Záriečie. The topic of extremism is not easy at all, but prevention and discussion is important. The processing of this issue into a document is very attractive for the young generation.

Circus Jacko performance
January 30th, 2020

Our school has been attended by Circus Jacko for several years and with lots of numbers. It cheeres up, entertains, but above all it impresses all our students. This year we presented artists with various numbers, from magic to acrobatic stunts to comic clowns, who enjoyed our students very much.

Meet and farewell
December 30th, 2019

On January 30, 2020, pupils from IV.LN class were full of interesting experiences. Earlier this morning, a former classmate Jonáš came to visit. He also came to thank his classmates for support during his hospital stay in the hospital. Indeed, they had something to say, both happy and serious events. And on that day, a fellow Jeonghyun, who went back to his homeland, said goodbye. It was really a day full of experiences!

Animals in the museum tour
January 17th, 2020

On 17th Jnaury, 2020, pupils from the IV.LN class headed for Budatín Castle for an exhibition of animals living in Slovakia. It was certainly something to look at, and were interested to listen to the interpretation of the lecturer. She did not only test them from science, but also spoke of interesting facts from the animal kingdom. They even had to look among the exhibits and 2 animals that do not live in our territory. Those who listened well knew that it was a seagull and a white-faced falcon.
Then we went to the newly opened premises of the castle for creative workshops. We were interested in everything, mock-ups of Budatín Castle from the past, ancient clothes, pictures of Slovak castles. We researched the tracks of animals, assembled puzzles and created our own work.
What excursion would it be if we did not repeat knowledge about our homeland? After all, we are learning about our region. We saw the confluence of Kysuce and Váh, tinkering art and ancient trees in the park.

Happy and cheerful ... day at school
December 20th, 2019

That should be called 20.12. 2019 for pupils from years 1-4 in our school. Not only because it was the last day before the holidays, but mainly because they performed a program with their teachers for older and younger pupils, as well as for parents, grandparents, older teachers, in short, for all who came to see. And there were lots of people since it was an open day for all who wanted to come to our school. Therefore, the performance was played twice. The audience could see how much fun we could learn in our school: from Math, Slovak and English to Physics and music education. Finally, with a nice Christmas song, we evoke the approaching magic atmosphere of Christmas.

We would also like to thank the school caretaker who helped us to build the podium and the teacher Mr. Fiala, who helped us with the technique and sound system.

Christmas Fair - cheque giving
December 18th, 2019

Thanks to selfless support and willingness during the Charity Christmas Exchange held on December 5, 2019 at our school, you, pupils, parents and teachers managed to help the good cause.

We distributed the proceeds from the Christmas Exchange to four families who lovingly raise their children and are constantly looking for funds to improve their health and facilitate the daily life of their child. Let us share with you a strong feeling of joy and emotion from Wednesday afternoon meeting on December 18, 2019, when we handed over a financial donation worth 500 Euros to the families of Hnátová, Konfala, Jedináková and Paršová.

In the eyes of these parents, there were tears of emotion and gratitude that would encourage all of us to continue our charitable work and would be a valuable and sweet memory of the Christmas tree in our families. Thank you for your support and wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas holiday in the circle of your loved ones.

staff and school pupils

Vianoce z krabičky (charity project)
December 16th, 2019

That is the name of the charity event, in which the pupils of our school participated. Over the course of two weeks, we were able to collect and fill dozens of gift boxes (books, toys, puzzles, party games, drugstore, jewelery, sweets, stationery and especially creative tools for creation for both smaller and larger residents of the children's crisis centre Náruč v Záduba).
The initiator of the project was one angel among people - p. Radka Kolenová, mother from the class Hedgehogs. With her toughness, her personal example, she inspired not only her colleagues but also the whole class of Hedgehogs. Gradually, pupils and teachers from other classes (Beetles, Bees, Dolphins, and the headmaster herself) also joined.
To make matters worse, they went to an unnamed homewares shop and bought together creative tools. "It is these children who have the greatest interest in the centre." Kolenová. Well, believe it, do not believe, who would have bought the whole shop! They almost killed themselves for what could still be thrown into the cart. Fortunately, the financial ceiling (the money was collected and provided by the above-mentioned angel) was clear, so they could test the euro counting and rounding directly in practice.
Finally, we packed all things in beautiful Christmas packages. It took enough effort to wrap a shoebox to look like a real gift. It is true that some did not sound like that, but the effort is also appreciated.
We had the greatest experience during the actual upload. We chose Wednesday early in the morning. The whole class took four cars (Mr. Kolenová, Mr. Salaj, Mr. Tereska, Mr. Šošková) and drove to Zádubnie. That was a ride! Although we did not hit for the first time, the more Hedgehogs enjoyed it.

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Z rozprávky do rozprávky
December 12th, 2019

On 12 December, it was interesting for pupils of IV.LN class from early morning. Our friend Mrs. Ďuračíková, the mother of our classmate Janka, came to visit us. We were looking forward to bringing a full bag of books with her, not any of them - they were fairy-tale books and lesser-known books. We learnt interesting things: we read fairy tales in archaic language, some of the life of well-known fairy tale authors, and we also guessed fairy tales by illustration. Even one hour was not enough for us, so we will finish the comics ....

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