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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5 - from June 1st, 2020.   • • •    You can register your children to any grade during whole school year. If you are interested click on this link.

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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5

Due to the positive development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that from June 1, 2020, a school will open for 1st - 5th grade students and the school canteen will be open for 1st - 9th grade pupils.

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Our successes - school year 2019/2020

Logical olympiad - school round
February 17th, 2020

On 17 February 2020, the school round of the 8th year of the Logical Olympiad in category B (5th-9th year) took place at our school. It is a nationwide Olympics of pupils with general intellectual talent, organized by the Centre of Educational and Psychological Counseling Sabinov. Its main idea is connecting pupils with intellectual talent for the purpose of joint (nationwide) activity - logical Olympics, which will test their knowledge, skills in logical thinking, spatial judgment, mathematical judgment and verbal thinking. A record number of 41 pupils joined the school round this year, of which 17 were successful. Tomáš Ondruš (VIII.EB) with 16 points, 1st place Artur Antol (VIII.EA) with 15 points and Nelka Pončáková (VIII.EB) with 13 points. Congratulations to all successful researchers and we will keep our fingers crossed for Tomáš and Artur in the nationwide final round, which will take place at the Faculty of Education of the University in Prešov.

Hviezdoslavov Kubín (Years 5 - 9) - school round
February 12th, 2020

We recited again ... Today we awarded prizes in the school round of the Hviezdoslavov Kubín competition. We are glad that we have gifted pupils in this area as well. We would like to thank all the participants for their preparation time and a pleasant artistic experience.

Awarded pupils
II. category - 5th - 6th year - poetry
1st place not awarded
2nd place of Mate Kander, V.FA
3rd place Adam Ďurajda, V.FA
Honorable mention: Sofia Giabelová, V.FA

1st place Ivona Takáčová, V.FB - district round
2. place Richard Pleško, V.FA
3rd place Simona Zajacová, VI.SB
Honorable mention Jessica Kobolková, VI.SB, Henrich Klučka, VI.SA

III. category - 7th - 9th year - poetry
1st place Nina Isteníková, VIII.EB - district round

We cordially congratulate the awarded pupils and wish the winners success in the district round.

English olympiad (regional round)
February 12th, 2020

Yesterday (12.2.2020) I had a chance to represent our school in an English competetion in Čadca. It consisted of 4 parts. Reading and listening, grammar and vocabulary, roleplay and a picture story. Then I had lunch and waited for the results. I was surprised to find out that I was third.

Artur Antol, 3. miesto v KK OAJ

February 11th, 2020

Also this school year 25 of our students participated in the Expert genius show competition. They could compare their knowledge and logical thinking with 13,828 pupils from 662 schools. The most successful was our 9th grade student Miroslav Böhme, who placed 6th overall out of 1,595 competing pupils from all over Slovakia. Mirko was placed in the first quarter of the most successful in the themes Svetobežník and From the Danube to the Tatras and also won the title TOP Expert. Andy Pavelka from 6th year became TOP Expert on How the World Works and Five Languages ​​of Culture and placed 87th out of 1710 contestants.

In the topic How the world works, 5 of our pupils placed in the first quarter of the most successful ones, namely R. Pleško, A. Ďurajda, Jessica Kobolková, A. Pavelka and K.Chlebecová. In the topic of Five Languages ​​of Culture, 5 of our pupils were also placed in the first quarter of the most successful ones, namely R.Pleško, A.Vrábel, T.Krňa, A.Pavelka and E.Mišurová. D. Kim, M.Magát and M.Böhme in the first quarter, in the theme of Mozgolam. A. Antol, in the topic Do you speak English? B.Burian and M.Sopira, in the theme From the Danube to the Tatra Mountains of M. Böhme and in the topic of Nature Secrets by D.Kim and M. Baranec. The other pupils received the participant's diploma. Congratulations!

Hviezdoslavov Kubín (Years 1 - 4) - school round
February 5th, 2020

On February 5th, 2020, a school round of Hviezdoslav's Kubín took place in the recitation of poetry and prose for the years 2-4.

Poetry category:íková /3.MR/ /3.MR/
3. place-N.Jambor / 3.MR /

Category prose:
1st place-A.Lichner / 4.LN /
2nd place-L.Ďubeková / 3.MR /
3. place-T.Prievozníková / 4.LN /

Congratulations to the winners!

Všetkovedko (competition)
February 4th, 2020

On 28.11.2019, our 44 pupils were also involved in solving tasks in the Všetkovedko competition. We are looking forward to seeing that up to half of the researchers have been clever, successful and have also received the title Všetkovedko prize.

The title Vškovedko out of 17 seconds was awarded to: Tamara Palková, Mark Kurakin, Bystrík Marko, Michal Ondruš, Tereza Trippé

There were 15 pupils from Year 3 and these were successful: Sofia Koščová, Ema Šuštiaková, Amélia Bosíková, Zina Isteníková, Nela Horváthová, Natália L. Jambor, Kristína Britvíková

Among the 12 pupils from Year 4, these were successful: Lívia Müllner, Dávid Müllner, Jeonghyun Ryu, Simona Novotná, Alex Lichner, Dávid Sidor, Vanda Večeřová, Jana Ďuračíková, Rebeka Moťovská and Tamara Trippé.

Congratulations to all!!!

Mathematical olympiad - district round
January 29th, 2020

On 29.01.2020 our pupils participated in the district round of the Mathematical Olympiad. In the category Z5 (5th year), Richard Pleško became a successful solver, who placed 7th to 9th. Congratulations to Riško.

Šaliansky Maťko (district round)
January 28th, 2020

January 28, 2020, district round of the 27th year of the competition Šaliansky Maťko took place in CVČ Kuzmányho. Our school was the only one represented by Alex Lichner - a pupil from IV.LN. And truly successful! In the most occupied 2nd category he won a nice 3rd place out of 19 competitors. Congratulations to his birthday he was celebratin this day.

Testovanie 5-2019 - results
January 23rd, 2020

Nationwide testing 5th grade elementary school students - Testing 5-2019

Mean percent of school percentage: 74,5 %
the national average: 63,4 % + 11,1 %

Mean percent of school percentage: 74,3 %
the national average: 64,8 % + 9,5 %

This school year, 33 students participated in the test, including 3 foreigners. Since the test language is Slovak, a great part of tested students were communicatively disadvantaged.

Thank you, students and teachers, for the successful representation of the school!

KOMPARO - Testing pupils of the 8th - 9th grade
January 22nd, 2020

KOMPARO - Testing pupils of the 8th grade

The average success rate of all school pupils tested - 69,9 %
The average success rate of all pupils tested in the SR - 53,8 %

Slovak language 
The average success rate of all tested school pupils - 76,0 %
The average success rate of all tested pupils in the SR - 64,2 %
The average success rate of all tested school pupils - 76,1 %
The average rate of all tested pupils in the SR - 62,2 %
The average success rate of all tested school pupils - 60.6 %
The average rate of all tested pupils in the SR - 52,2 %
In mathematics, in Slovak language and literature, Geography and Biology, our school ranks among 25% of the most successful schools.
KOMPARO - Testing pupils of the 9th grade

The average success rate of all tested school pupils - 55,6 %
The average rate of all tested pupils in the SR - 49,7 %

Slovak language 
The average success rate of all pupils tested - 67,3 %
The average success rate of all tested pupils in the SR - 61,7 %

In mathematics, our school ranks among 25% of the most successful schools.

Evaluation of competitions
December 20th, 2019

Traditionally, we meet at the end of the calendar year to evaluate our achievements

English language

cat. younger
1st place: L. Kasanická (V.FB), E. Mišurová (VI.SB)
2nd place: R. Pleško (V.FA)

cat. elderly
1st place: A. Antol (VIII.EA)
2nd place: E. Praženicová (VIII.EA)
3rd place: R. Kušan (VII.SVB)


9th grade
1st place: Miroslav Böhme
2nd place: Igor Vaško
3rd place: Jakub Šproch

8th year
1st place: Maxim Baranec
2nd place: Maxim Magát
3rd place: Annamarie Neschlová

7th year
1st place: Ondrej Maček
2nd place: Simon Baranec
3rd place: Diana Porubcová

6th year
1st place: Marek Vlček
2nd place: Filip Kozlík
3rd place: Andrej Pavelka


Category G: fourth, fifth year
1st place: Richard Pleško (V.FA)
2nd place: Adam Vrábel (V.FB)
3rd place: Tamara Tomicová (V.FB)

Category F: sixth, seventh grade
1st place: Tomáš Moťovský (VII.SVA)
2nd place: Marek Vlček (VI.SA)
3rd place: Jakub Korbel (VII.SVA)

Category E: eighth, ninth grade
1st place: Miroslav Miroslav Böhme (IX.NA)
2nd place: Danha Kim (VIII.EB)
3rd place: Maxim Ivan Baranec (VIII.EB)

Spanish language

Category A: 6th and 7th grade
1st place - Ďaďová Alexandra
2nd place - Moťovský Tomáš
3rd place -Pavelka Andrej

Category B: 8th and 9th grade
1st place - Isteníková Nina
2nd place - Štrbová Ema
3rd place - Šproch Jakub

German language
Category 1A
1. Nina Veselá
2. Mária Šuštiaková
3. Sára Mišurová

Category 1B
1. Leonie Bahr
2. Miroslav Böhme
Artur Antol

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