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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5 - from June 1st, 2020.   • • •    You can register your children to any grade during whole school year. If you are interested click on this link.

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Re-opening school for students of year 1 - 5

Due to the positive development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that from June 1, 2020, a school will open for 1st - 5th grade students and the school canteen will be open for 1st - 9th grade pupils.

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School canteen

Janka Milová - head

Dear pupils, parents, eaters,
our school offers you healthy and quality eating for smart prices in a nice environment of our modern equiped canteen.

Our offer
  • healthy nutrition for children and pupils at the time of the educational process in schools or school facilities
  • fruit and cereal products for the served meal
  • dairy, fruit and vitamin drinks as part of the menu,
  • electronic lunch ordering and check-out
  • lease of dining room for lectures, seminars - gallery
  • preparing meals in a well-equipped kitchen - gallery

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic no. 330/2009 Z.z. about School catering facilities the structure of menus for five days in one-shift operation includes:
a) two main meat dishes,
b) one main dish with a reduced dose of meat
c)two main dishes of flour and vegetable, mainly served on Mondays.

Prices of meals in EUR
Category Food purchase Outgoings Altogether Grant Refund
Boarders 1st - 4th year 1,15 0,20 1,35 1,20 0,15
Boarders 5th - 9th year 1,23 0,20 1,43 1,20 0,23
High school 1,33 0,20 1,53   1,53
Employees 1,33 1,72 3,05   3,05
Foreign customers 1,33 1,72 3,05   3,05

Purchase of food Outgoings Altogether Refund
Snack Lunch Tea snack Together
Wholeday 2 - 6 years
0,36 0,85 0,24 1,45 1,31 2,76 2,76
Snack and lunch 0,36 0,85 1,21 1,04 2,25 2,25
Snack 0,36 0,36 0,72 1,08 1,08

Elementary school pupil is entitled to support to refund child education to eating habits of children only if he / she attends the school education process and takes lunch.

Details of payments

Food payments will be made by bank transfer or by postal order to a bank account held at Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s.,

IBAN: SK93 0900 0000 0050 5804 3444
Variable symbol: user number - access code to the catering system
Information in note first name, surname and class of the pupil

The amount of the advance payment for meals for boarders eating at the school canteen is as follows:

Pupils of 1.- 4. Year 30,00 €
Pupils of 5.- 9. Year 30,00 €
Pupils of high schools 30,00 €
Foreign boarders 60,00 €

Advance payment for meals (food purchase costs and outgoings) the child's / pupil's legal representative, employee and foreign boarder will pay one-off. If the amount of the advance payment on the boarder's account ( decreases to 10 €, you must pay up to the amount of the advance payment. Boarders who do not have a prepayment allowance will not be able to order order meals.

For untaken and unsubscribed meal , a subsidy to support education for the child's eating habits is not provided and a boarder pays full board.

The fee for issuing a smart card is 5 €.

You need to pay 5.00 € for your issued or lost smart card before you take your new smart card to your account number
IBAN: SK93 0900 0000 0050 5804 3444
Variable symbol: user number - entry code to the catering system
Information in notes: first name, surname and class of the pupil

Postal vouchers are available at the school canteen manager Mrs. Lenka Milová

Ordering food

Ordering and unsubscribing are done online at , or or at the terminal when entering the school canteen via a smart card.

You can check in and out of your meal by 14:00 just 1 working day in advance at the latest.

Documents to download
041 / 568 34 19
0902 815 910 Súkromná školská jedáleň
ako súčasť Súkromnej základnej školy
Oravská cesta 11, 010 01 Žilina

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